In The COCO Magazine

Hey there,

Earlier this year I became a contributor to The COCO Magazine – an online weekly that focuses on fashion, news, lifestyle and entertainment from a Caribbean perspective.

I invite you to keep an eye on this page since this is where I’ll post the links to my articles. (The most recent ones will be at the top.) Feel free to comment on the site or send your feedback to

5 Power Suits for the Modern Woman

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Office Fashion

5 Dresses He’d Love

Fashionably On Time: Watch Trends 101

3 Ring Trends You Need to Consider

8 Fashion and Beauty Must-Haves for Brides

Four Outings and What to Wear There

Eye Spy Fashionable Eyewear

Fashion for Moms on the Go

Must-Have Spring Fragrances

Sunshine in a Bottle? Caribbean-inspired nail polishes

The Sweetest Summer Festival – Crop Over in Barbados

Six Must Have Fashion Items for a Caribbean Vacation


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